Piney Pointers History

Piney Pointers of Montgomery County was chartered by the American Needlepoint Guild in September 1982. Several local residents(Margaret Matthews of Cut-n-Shoot, Marion Gerhart, Ann Holland and Marguerite Crook of Conroe) who were members of the Lone Star Chapter of ANG in Houston, began in the spring of 1982, with the idea for a Conroe chapter. These ladies, along with area needle-work shop owners, worked hard for months organizing and spreading the work among area stitchers. Interest grew and by September 1982 there were 37 paid members. Today the guild boasts 92 members.

A name tag was designed and chartered by Mayme Lazenby. The past 20 years has been filled with a variety of programs, projects, trips, and other activities all centered around the art of stitching. We have had workshops taught by nationally accredited teachers from all parts of the U.S., which has helped to improve our basic skills with a needle as well as add to our knowledge of the art. Some of our won members have proved to be excellent teachers and have provided us with many interesting programs and classes. As a community project in 1988 , chapter members designed and stitched covers for the kneelers in the chapel at the Medical Center hospital in Conroe Texas. Members stitched a sampler depicting the history of the Montgomery County area and donated it to the Heritage Musem in 1992 along with a Montgomery County Library piece, designed by Mary Ackershott which is proudly displayed behind the main checkout desk. It was dedicated in December of 2000. Seat cushions have been stitched along with another ANG Chapter for the Wildflower center in Austin.

Chapter members; works have been displayed in several exhibitions at the Montgomery County Library, The Woodlands branch of the Montgomery County Library and Creativity Shop in Houston Texas, as well as at ANG national seminars. As our membership grows and stitching skills improve, we are forming lasting friendships with a special group of people who share a love of stitching.